Grand Central Floral

By Cindy Hanauer

To encourage the exchange of ideas and resources within the floral industry by providing a platform for inspiration, education, communication and trade with the goal of improving the overall success of floral professionals and their futures.

Grand Central Floral is a curated collection of industry information, news, tools and communication brought to you from around the world.   Whether you are a retailer, supplier, manufacturer, consultant or trade organization, the goal of Grand Central Floral is to provide daily, 24-7 information to assist in the overall success of your floral business.

As many of you are aware, I am a 4th generation florist, whose ancestors began their first floral business in 1875 upon arriving to the United States from Germany.  From inhaling the magnificent fragrance, digging in the greenhouse, floral designing, watering plants, to assisting customers in select the perfect gift, my grandparents’ florist shop set me on a most magnificent journey that would stay with me forever.   Then in 1974, I had the unique opportunity to serve the supermarket industry from its inception of an in-store floral shop, to the industry giant the mass market floral business is today.

The development of this site is in honor of my ancestors, especially my Grandparents, and the many retailers and suppliers who have been my sisters and brothers working so diligently on the growth and success of the floral industry as a whole.  I will always love you as a cherished part of my life, and I hope that you use and enjoy this site as we walk hand-in-hand to continue the greatness of the floral industry for many years to come.

Website Features

  • Grower and Supplier Profiles
  • Calendars and Events
  • Industry Headlines
  • Category News
  • Product Information
  • Latest Trends
  • Floral Supply and Growing Regions
  • Science and Research
  • Latest Industry News
  • Business Tools
  • Informational Videos
  • Travel Journals
  • Social Media and Blogs
  • Archives

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