These 7 Roses Were Just Crowned the Best for 2020

We’re making room in our gardens for these beautiful yet super reliable varieties chosen by the American Garden Rose Selections committee.

Much as we love roses for their gorgeous flowers, they can be tricky to grow because of all the diseases and pests that tend to plague them. But plant breeders have been busy developing better varieties with even more beautiful flowers on tougher plants. To identify the best ones for particular regions, the American Garden Rose Selections program trials them all across the country each year, and it just announced the seven award winners for 2020.

These roses went through a two-year evaluation process in six regions of the U.S. to see how they perform in different climates. In addition to their outstanding beauty, the winners also scored high in important categories like hardiness, fragrance, and disease resistance. The top choices for 2020 are the fifth batch of award-winning roses chosen by the American Garden Rose Selections. This evaluation program began in 2016, taking over from the now defunct All-American Rose Selections organization, which had awarded the best roses for growing regionally and for fragrance since the 1930s…[READ MORE]

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