How Digital Technologies Are Reinventing In‑Store Shopping

Retail stores across all verticals are working to become tech-savvy experience centers rife with unique and unexpected personal touches. The future lies with those that provides shoppers with a holistic experience online, in-store and on social media.

We are experiencing a flood of digitally native brands transitioning to brick and mortar in recent years. Again, and again, we’ve gotten wind of unicorn brands like Warby Parker and Casper mattresses making their meteoric rise to brick-and-mortar stardom. Not surprisingly, we’ve also seen many traditional brick-and-mortar brands successfully reinvent themselves during the post-digital transformation.

With all the success stories swirling, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the key to remaining relevant at brick and mortar in the current landscape?” No matter your brand, background or customer base, your top priority should be personalizing the shopping experience…[READ MORE]

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