Floriforum 2019: A Conversation on “Customer Dynamics” Worth Joining!

On 5 November 2019, over 150 executive managers and decision makers from companies and organizations active across the international floriculture supply-chain came to the IFTF Auditorium where the second edition of Floriforum took place.

Organized by Union Fleurs, the International Flower Trade Association on the eve of the opening of IFTF, Floriforum focused this year on the topic of “Customer Dynamics”. As Richard Fox, Union Fleurs President, recalled in his opening statement: “After starting on safe ground, we decided this year to be more adventurous and explore the very last segment of the supply-chain which is crucial for continued success of the floricultural industry.”…[READ MORE]

Source: Floriforum 2019: A Conversation on “Customer Dynamics” Worth Joining! | unionfleurs.org

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