Christmas Creativity is Contagious-Pass It On! Check Out 25 MORE Fun-Factor Merchandising Ideas Straight from Europe!

As we all know….Santa comes earlier and earlier every year! Each display from the smallest to the largest can capitalize on early-bird shoppers who are buying for home decor as well as gifting.

Think of these five tips when attracting those free-spending holiday shoppers!

1. Display Early! 49% of holiday shoppers already have the majority of their Christmas gifts purchased by Thanksgiving! Don’t miss out!
2. Mix Styles! Vary the style of each displays in themes such as vintage, glitzy, bold, avant garde’, whimsical, etc. Also don’t forget to mix perishable and non-perishable items on the same displays as well.
3. Add Tie-Ins: Mix smaller gift items into the same display as larger products to capitalize on impulse gifts for teachers, mail carrier, friends, etc.
4. Mix Colors! Christmas is no longer just red and green! Many holiday purchases are planned for home decor, so displays should replicate modern interior colors and combinations to maximize these purchases.
5. Create a Fun Factor! Christmas is fun, so displays should include a fun factor and surprise elements to engage the holiday shopper. Check out our 25-image photo gallery as great examples!

As always, these images are yours to use and share with your team!

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