The Correct Way To Hang Lights On A Christmas Tree

Because your holiday can’t be merry without also being bright.

Your Christmas tree is finally up, and you’ve spent the last 45 minutes slinging lights around its branches, taking chances with your rickety old ladder, investigating which broken bulb caused the entire string to turn off – the list goes on. And when you step back to take a look, the lights may be disorderly, or too dim, or maybe even too bright. While holiday decorating is, for the most part, a fun-loving and joyous affair, the inevitable annoyances can be a true damper, making our spirits slightly less bright. At the forefront of this list is decorating the Christmas tree, which often stumps even the holiday pros. To help you get it just right this year, we’ve compiled a guide on how to put lights on a Christmas tree…[READ MORE]

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