17 Pictures Of Plants That I Took Using X-Ray

My name is Aleks Reba, and I’m a creative director from Germany. On my free time, I used to create different kinds of art (illustrations, photography). I also combine different techniques.

But after taking a lot of beautiful flower macros, I decided I wanted to take a deeper look into our beautiful nature. I thought that using x-rays would be a good idea. Almost all of these cool photos of flowers that I found where black&white or slightly colored. So I wanted to try it on my own.

First problem was finding the equipment that I could use for my x-ray images. After searching and asking a lot of institutions, I found a local medical facility which agreed to help me out by operating the technical stuff (because only medical facilities and trained staff are allowed to use this kind of x-ray equipment)…[READ MORE]

Source: 17 Pictures Of Plants That I Took Using X-Ray | boredpanda.com

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