These Are The Biggest Wedding Décor Color Palette Trends

“The whole wedding industry is SO over the color blush!”

Brittany Frid, Creative Director of Frid Events speaks the truth. Likely most of the weddings you have seen in the last five years incorporated this soft shade in to the mix but honestly in 2019 (and moving in to 2020), it’s time to say bye-bye. “Blush is such a popular color because it’s timeless and romantic, but there are other ways to have an elegant wedding while also doing something unique,” Frid explains. “I find couples who gravitate towards blush simply aren’t sure how to experiment with color or are afraid of their choices will look too bold or tacky. If you are more comfortable with soft neutrals but want to modernize your palette, try swapping blush for a pale mauve or a light butter yellow. If you still like blush but want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, try experimenting with apricot, terracotta (very trendy right now!) or burgundy if you’d like to keep a classic touch. Push those boundaries because I feel many people are not as vanilla their wedding palette would suggest!”…[READ MORE]

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