‘Plant Influencers’ Offer Decor Tips for Fall Houseplants

‘Plant influencers’ on social media offer tips for decorating with houseplants this fall.

Houseplants are a quick and easy way to dress your home in autumnal color.

Anthuriums can add hues of pink, red or white. The philodendron’s cascading, heart-shaped green leaves bring a touch of the outdoors inside. And of course, the poinsettia’s red and green foliage is a popular choice for holiday décor.

It’s no secret — houseplants are back in style.

“They are naturally chaotic and provide great contrast to the structure of a room and its furnishings,” says Sarah Cole, a Boston-area interior designer. “They bring life, literally, to a room.”…[READ MORE]

Source: ‘Plant Influencers’ Offer Decor Tips for Fall Houseplants | usnews.com

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