3 Psychology Secrets To Become Mentally Strong

When I worked for the FBI, I learned that agents needed mental toughness to chip away at messy cases that can last for years. I learned that ignoring problem cases wouldn’t make them go away. I had to learn how to work through the problems until I found an answer.

Yet, after I retired from the FBI, I still found myself surrounded with general life problems – ones that couldn’t be ignored just because they were difficult and inconvenient. I saw that I still needed that same mental toughness I had developed as a FBI agent to break through the new and different obstacles and barriers in my life.

Mental toughness is misunderstood by many people. Too often, it is associated with a hard-headed mindset that refuses to yield when circumstances change…[READ MORE]

Source: 3 Psychology Secrets To Become Mentally Strong | smartbrief.com

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