2019’s Most-Searched Wedding Colors (So Far)

Google reveals all.

For anyone planning a wedding, the color spectrum suddenly becomes more detailed than ROYGBIV. Boysenberry, persimmon, sage, walnut, salmon—there are infinite hues to consider. But don’t let the fancy names deter you: A new report just made picking your palette much easier.

Google recently released its top wedding-related searches of 2019, offering a sneak peek at the themes, dress styles, and, most important, colors that have been on couples’ minds. Although there are some predictable shades on the list—fall favorites burgundy and lavender both made the cut—unexpected hues like bold black and piercing peacock are also featured. Here’s how we would decorate a tablescape with 2019’s most popular wedding colors...[READ MORE]

Source: 2019’s Most-Searched Wedding Colors (So Far) | domino.com

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