A New Leaf Bringing Flower Show to NYC

The New York Festival of Flowers has been five years in the making.

Enormous flower garlands hang from Rockefeller Center’s Atlas, the hundreds of blooms — peonies, roses, orchids, carnations and yarrow lilies — cascading from the sculpture’s broad shoulders. At Alamo at Astor Place, 4″ x 4″ square, freeform flat-lays filled with astor, larkspur, wild flowers and grasses, form a counterpoint to Bernard Rosenthal’s Cube, while at the Crosby Street Hotel, Fernando Botero’s Cat has been given a flower mohawk.

The three flower pop-up installations, along with others this week at Plaza de Las Americas, Flatiron Plaza and Flower School New York at 213 West 14th Street, were created for the announcement of the New York Festival of Flowers, which will bow in June 2020. Spearheaded by Leaf founder Moira Breslin, the citywide flower festival with activations such as floral arrangement classes, will be an “opportunity for New Yorkers to enjoy the beauty of nature,” said Breslin. “My grandfather had a garden in Northern Ireland with roses and rhododendrons. I remember the smells…”…[READ MORE]

Source: A New Leaf Bringing Flower Show to NYC | wwd.com

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