Why The Monstera Plant Is The Coolest Wedding Greenery Trend

What’s the most buzzed about greenery in wedding floral and décor design? Monstera has not only taken over your Instagram feed (hello #monsteramonday) it is taking over weddings too. The oversize, bold green leaves are being used for everything from centerpieces, bouquet greenery, arch installations, place setting accents, invitation motifs and cake designs. We spoke to Phoebe Lo, founder of Toronto’s Blossom and Bloom, to find out why monstera is having such a moment and why she thinks it’s a botanical trend that’s here to stay.

What is it about this monstera that has captured everyone’s imagination? “If the name ‘monstera’ wasn’t intriguing enough, then their bold form and versatile natural capabilities sure have a leg up when it comes to floral and design. More sophisticated than a banana leaf and charismatic with its unique heart-shaped leaves, monsteras have captured the curiosity of a progressively non-conventional generation of weddings and celebrations.”…[READ MORE]

Source: Why The Monstera Plant Is The Coolest Wedding Greenery Trend | weddingbells.ca

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