This Is How You Train Your Brain To Be More Creative

Being creative is about training your brain to do so, argues this neuroscientist.

There is an entire generation of people who grew up believing they aren’t creative because someone in high school told them they weren’t good at art. Until recently, the standard definition of “creativity” was narrow. You were either creative or you weren’t.

The perception was that “creative people” were those who were artistic–or more precisely–good at drawing. Unsurprisingly, like many others, I wrote myself off as “not creative.” I focused on science and told myself it was natural to fall into one of two camps: logic and science, or creativity and the arts. I felt that the education system–often coupled with parental expectation–encouraged people to place themselves in one category or the other. But this isn’t how creativity works, and this kind of thinking is the reason why you might have trouble tapping into the creative parts of your brain…[READ MORE]

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