The Ideal Flowerbox and the Future of Flower Logistics

The transportation and import of flowers are important activities for the Netherlands economy, with high volumes regularly shipped from East Africa to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Holland Flower Alliance (HFA), a group of floricultural industry professionals founded by Royal FloraHolland, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and KLM Cargo, has been instrumental in optimizing the flower supply chain between Nairobi, Kenya, and Amsterdam.

However, in recent years the cost of transporting flowers has been increasing as the global demand for air freight continues to rise, which has led to discussions within HFA about how to transform flower logistics into a more efficient and cost-effective process for stakeholders. Such discussions have resulted in the concept of the Ideal Flowerbox and the implementation of a pilot project on the Nairobi to Amsterdam route to assess its effectiveness…[READ MORE]

Source: The Ideal Flowerbox and the Future of Flower Logistics |

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