How The Leader In The Cockpit Builds A Brand

As any business road warrior will tell you, air travel these days is far from a relaxing experience.

In the effort to remain profitable, commercial air carriers have capitalized on every form of convenience and comfort – legroom, bag check, early boarding and other privileges. For an extra fee, you, too, can take an economy-class flight from JFK to LAX without your knees embedded in the seat of the passenger in front of you. And, if you’ve accumulated enough frequent-flyer miles, you can upgrade to business class and enjoy a flight experience that’s much more pleasant than that of your fellow passengers.

All things being equal though, what can companies do to distinguish themselves from competitors in a highly commoditized industry like air travel? The obvious answer is by providing better service than other carriers, but studies show that only 12% of passengers feel valued…[READ MORE]

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