PHOTO GALLERY: The World’s Most Beautiful Flower Carpets

From a harvest festival in India to a Catholic feast in Italy, here are the planet’s most eye-catching—and fleeting—displays of flower power

A flower is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, to quote poet John Keats. Imagine hundreds of thousands of flowers arranged in ornate designs in outdoor tapestries: They’re not only breathtakingly beautiful, colorful, fragrant and a perfect photo opportunity, but the ultimate in fleeting art and design. This ephemeral folk art is made mostly by dedicated volunteers in many countries, like Italy, India, Spain, Portugal, and Guatemala. Whole families and local groups participate in making flower carpets in imaginative designs that often depict local fauna, flora, landmarks, cultural symbols and religious figures. Generally, the carpets are created for religious reasons, but in Belgium, it’s purely for civic beautification of a city square. Herewith, AD’s guide to where to find the world’s best flower carpets…[READ MORE]

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