PHOTO GALLERY: The 8 Most Beautifully Designed Botanical Gardens in America

Not all gardens are designed equally, and these grounds – spanning from California to North Carolina – show how they’re a branch above the rest

So long as you look, any traveler can find some of the most stunning gardens tucked within America’s busiest cities. Metropolises such as Philadelphia, southern hot spots like Atlanta and Charlotte, and western locales in San Diego and Portland all have their own take on the botanical garden that make them must-visit spaces. Like an encyclopedia of plants being brought to life, their botanical gardens offer a hodgepodge of flora ranging from palm trees, desert succulents, and roses to plants usually only found in the most remote parts of the world. But it’s not just about the plants. Many botanical gardens have conservatories constructed as architectural marvels—rivaling the beauty of the plants they house. Next time you’re adding to your list of U.S.-based nature escapes, consider these seven beautifully designed botanical gardens…[READ MORE]

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