Launching Neill Strain Floral Couture Fragranced Candles

Neill has put together a combination of his dream scents based on his floral couture experience and life-long passion for flowers and fragrances. After years of preparation, he is now introducing his new line of exceptional quality fragranced candles. Learn all about these six extraordinary candles named Belgravia, No.11, Santal d’Orient, Rose & Oud, Cassis Noir and Verdure.

“I don’t remember which came first, my passion for flowers or my passion for fragrances. In any case, the two are so deeply intertwined. I recall afternoons as a child spent with my grandmother in her garden that was a delight for its beauty as much as its scent. And throughout my floristry training and career, there have been different fragrances of flowers that have continually bewitched me.”…[READ MORE]

Source: Launching Neill Strain Floral Couture Fragranced Candles |

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