Check Out 25 of our Absolute Favorite Pics from the Famous Bloemencorso Flower Parade – Straight from Holland!

Our Grand Central Floral besties from Holland have delivered some fierce flower-power from their hometown, Noordwijkerhout, and the epic parade, Bloemencorso, celebrated there each year.

Bloemencorso, a Dutch word meaning “flower parade”, “flower pageant” or “flower procession” goes as far back as the middle ages, with floats (praalwagens), cars and even tractors magnificently covered in flowers! Noordwijkerhout is in the bulb-growing region (the Duin- en Bollenstreek) of the Netherlands, famed for its tulips, of course!
Thank-you, Trudi and Cornelius Heemskerk! Thank-you, Floral Artists!
Sending love from the USA!

As always, these images are yours to use and share with your team!

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