What Does Experiential Retail Even Mean These Days?

For some it’s sprinkles, others meditation pods. What really matters is localization, service and shareability, store design experts say.

These days in brick-and-mortar retail circles, it seems all anyone can talk about is experiential retail. Immersive, interactive, technology-enhanced — these are all adjectives that get tossed around when executives are talking about what the store of the future needs to look and feel like.

What does experiential retail really mean? For some it may be a swimming pool full of sprinkles or meditation pods.

But in reality, how many stores are actually as experiential as these out-of-the-box ideas? In a country with roughly 22.5 square feet of retail space per capita (more than any other country), the answer is: not many…[READ MORE]

Source: What Does Experiential Retail Even Mean These Days? | retaildive.com

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