The Hottest New Wellness Startups Are Selling Houseplants

Forget CBD oil or crystals. These burgeoning companies offer something more mundane: the delight of growing things, delivered to your door.

In 2018, I suddenly found myself with a strong desire to acquire more plants. Armed with a list of recommendations from a plant-savvy colleague, I went to Home Depot and dipped my toes into the world of greenery. Many months later, my New York City apartment is now home to nearly 30 plants of different types and sizes. Coming home is like stepping into my own personal zen space, a haven from the cold, concrete world outside.

I’m not alone. In the last few years, demand for indoor plants among city dwellers has soared, according to some retailers—especially among millennials. The National Gardening Survey found that of the 6 million people who started gardening in 2016, 80% of them were aged 18 to 34. Refinery29 has even declared that “plant ladies are the new cat ladies.”…[READ MORE]

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