8 Small Things You Can Do To Help Bees Survive

Bees are the backbone of the environment as we know it, helping many plant and animal species by pollinating. “More than 20,000 bee species around the world are the most important group of pollinators for farming and wild plants,” a representative from The Honeybee Conservancy told Bored Panda. We can thank bees for such delicious produce as potatoes, tangerines, apples and so, so much more! “One in three mouthfuls of food we eat benefits from bee pollination” the representative added.

Unfortunately, as precious as the bees are to our ecosystem, there has been an increasing worry regarding their numbers and what it means to our future. “Populations are declining due to a variety of factors including human development, pesticides, disease and a changing climate,” The Honeybee Conservancy representative explained. That’s why various organizations and volunteers are banding together to help out our little pollinators by spreading awareness and investing time and money to pass legislation that would help preserve many bee species by banning various insecticides…[READ MORE]

Source: 8 Small Things You Can Do To Help Bees Survive | boredpanda.com

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