20 King Protea Bouquets That are Bold and Beautiful

For wedding flowers that really pop, look no further than these stunning and unique king protea bouquets.

King protea bouquets are totally trending and it’s easy to see why. Native to South Africa and Australia, this statement flower has a unique look that knows how to show off — an upward sloping fuzzy center framed with spiky petals gives it a majestic vibe worth fawning over. Coming in a variety of shades, from rustic red and deep purple to blush pink and soft white, they’re available in equally diverse sizes, but are almost always bigger than your traditional flower. Their oversized nature allows them to stand alone as a minimalist bouquet or stand out among a sea of greenery, wildflowers, and traditional roses — or whatever your heart desires!

Here, 20 stunning king protea bouquets to let your floral dreams run wild…[READ MORE]

Source: 20 King Protea Bouquets That are Bold and Beautiful | weddingwire.com

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