PHOTO GALLERY: 14 Popular Easter Flowers and What They Symbolize

The Easter season is a time of rebirth and nowhere is that more evident than in our gardens. From the bright bulbs to the evergreen shrubs, the arrival of spring signals to our favorite flowers that it’s time to burst into bloom – and do they ever! Fragrant blossoms open to a rainbow of cheerful hues, from the scarlet reds and the vibrant oranges to the pastel blues and delicate lavenders. Each of these blossoms is a miracle of spring, and each comes with its own symbolism, many of which are ideal messages for Easter and reflect the spirit of the season.

Take a spin through our favorite Easter flowers to spiff up your holiday arrangements; these beautiful blooms will inspire you to start planning your spring planting now. What are you waiting for? There’s no better way to celebrate Eastertime than with these gorgeous blossoms…[READ MORE]

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