All the World’s a Stage – Or Is It?

Imagine owning Carnegie Hall and not ensuring that each performance was so special and so distinctive it would be considered ovation-worthy by your audience. Now imagine owning iconic retail stages across our nation and not having the organizational creativity for merchandising and presentation to ensure an ovation-worthy presentation of products and services to entice and entertain your consumer.

After walking through countless stores across the country, I believe the ovation-worthy retail experience is exactly what’s missing in brick-and-mortar retailing today. Retail stores have stopped being attractions. They have stopped entertaining the consumer through distinctive merchandising. They have walked away from the art of creative merchandising that stimulated impulse purchases. And it is no secret that all of this is taking place at the worst possible time. Not being a destination for consumers is the primary reason brick-and-mortar retailing is having difficulty attracting footfall traffic through their doors. At a time when almost limitless technology moves the new and novel to consumers at the speed of light, most retailers are barely walking while they try to compete…[READ MORE]

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