AFE Thrips & Botrytis Special Report

A Pre-season Checklist for Botrytis Management

As the Valentine’s Day season approaches, the following checklist highlights some of the
most important considerations to manage Botrytis blight from the greenhouse production stage through the post harvest and retail environment.

Production stage
Soil, growth substrate, plant debris, and dying stems, leaves and flowers in the canopy are important inoculum sources of Botrytis in greenhouses. While evaluating Botrytis spore density in rose greenhouses, we found that greenhouse activities associated with handling of free-water and large amounts of plant debris are most closely related to spore dispersal and potential disease infection. For that reason, we suggest the following strategies…[READ MORE]

Source: AFE Thrips & Botrytis Special Report  | Melissa Muñoz, James Faust, and Guido Schnabel, Clemson University

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