How One Flower Delivery Service Is Empowering Local Florists

There’s something so wonderful about sending (and receiving!) flowers. It’s a timeless gift that feels classy, kind, and adds a bit of beauty to your day. But there is one caveat. The process still feels very old school. Either you have to search endlessly to find a good local florist (who also delivers!) or order from a mass-market service that often sends flowers that don’t feel high-quality or particularly unique. Lana Elie, founder of Floom, hopes to change that.

The modern delivery service not only offers up beautiful blooms with same-day delivery, but it sources its flowers direct from local florists. That means the bouquet you order can come direct from an artisan who puts care and creativity into their designs. Plus it gives business to florists big and small, from well known designers like Eric Buterbaughto smaller shops like Flowerboy Project…[READ MORE]

Source: How One Flower Delivery Service Is Empowering Local Florists |

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