Death to Flower Crowns – These Are the New Ways to Wear Hair Flowers

This season, why don’t you wear a flower – or 50 – in your hair?

While hair flowers trended on the spring and fall 2018 runways, flora and fauna might actually be the oldest hair accessories known to mankind. Adorning your hair with flowers is not a trend, but a custom, in many parts of the world. Indian brides have long created ornate floral headpieces for their weddings, while women in dozens of other countries use hair flowers as a cultural touchstone. It depends on the flowers you choose and how you style them that makes the tradition feel fashion-forward.

With over 400,000 species of petals on the planet, the possibilities – and hairstyles – are endless. We turned to It-floral design firm, Putnam & Putnam and up-and-coming flower hair artist Jeannie Huang to help us land the groundbreaking garden-inspired looks for the season – just in time for spring…[READ MORE]

Source: Death to Flower Crowns. These Are the New Ways to Wear Hair Flowers. |


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