Could These Fossils Push Back the History of Flowers?

A study analyzing 200 tiny flowers from 174 million years ago suggests angiosperms were around during the Jurassic, but paleobotanists are skeptical.

We may recognize our world by its flowering plants and trees, but evolutionarily speaking angiosperms are the new kids on the block, coming after epochs when giant fungus ruled the Earth and nonflowering trees, including cycads and conifers, fed dinosaurs.

A controversial study is now suggesting that flowering plants aren’t quite as newfangled as we thought. As Laura Geggel at LiveScience reports, fossils found in the South Xiangshan Formation in China’s Nanjing region could be evidence that the first species of angiosperm blossomed some 174 million years ago—that’s 50 million years earlier than when most flowering plant fossil material begins to show up…[READ MORE]

Source: Could These Fossils Push Back the History of Flowers? |

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