Amazon Tests Small Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Amazon announced it is testing a new delivery robot – or what the company in a blog post describes as a “fully-electric delivery system” – called “Amazon Scout” in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington .

The company said six Amazon Scout devices have begun delivering packages during daylight hours on weekdays to consumers who have placed orders with Amazon. While the Scout devices autonomously follow a specified delivery route, they initially are being accompanied by Amazon employees, according to the blog post. The six-wheeled Scout robot, about the size of a small cooler that moves along at the pace of a typical pedestrian, was developed at Amazon’s research and development lab in Seattle, the company said.

While Amazon said Scout came out of its own Seattle R&D lab, there could be more to the story. The similarity between the companies’ robotic vehicles begs the question of whether Amazon may have partnered with Starship for Scout’s development or may be using some kind of privately-branded version of the Starship vehicle. Amazon has not immediately responded to a request for comment from Retail Dive…[READ MORE]

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