AFE Appoints New Chairman and Trustees

AFE announced that Jim Daly, VP of Floralife/Smithers-Oasis has been elected to serve a two-year term as AFE Chairman.

Jim Daly’s appointment began during the AFE Annual Fundraising Dinner in Palm Springs, CA. He replaces Dwight Larimer of DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc. who served as Chairman for the past two years and will remain on the Board for two additional years as Past Chairman.

Jim joined the AFE Board in 2012 and since that time has served on the AFE Research Committee. Most recently he has served as Chairman of the Research Committee.

AFE also announced four new industry members joining their AFE Board. All will serve a three-year term and can be re-appointed for a second term. AFE Trustees are industry leaders who give their time and talent to help guide Endowment activities and programs benefitting the industry. All will also be appointed to a committee on either education, public relations and development, research, or the Floral Marketing Research Fund…[READ MORE]

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