What’s the Smartest Plant?

Compared to even the dumbest human being, your average tulip is a moron. But you’d have to be dumber than a tulip to deny that something – maybe not intelligence in its dictionary definition, but some guiding, autonomic power – is at work among the members of the plant kingdom. And if we grant plants this quasi-intelligence, then we have to concede that some of them must be smarter than others – cannier absorbers of bugs and sun, better users of their varied environments. Inevitably, then, the question is: which one’s smartest?

For this week’s Giz Asks, we asked a number of botanists and plant scientists for their take. No two named the same plant, or used the exact same definition of ‘intelligence’ – which is admittedly a tricky concept to pin down when you’re dealing with brainless cacti and pigweed. So if you’re looking for a straightforward list of nature’s sharpest greenery, this probably isn’t it – but then, you’re too smart to be looking for something as straightforward as that…[READ MORE]

Source: What’s the Smartest Plant? | gizmodo.com

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