Productivity-Boosting Scents: Grand Central Floral

Scent can be an incredible ally when it comes to health. For example, they can help you calm down or have an invigorating effect. They can help lull you to sleep and even act as a mild painkiller!

But what most people don’t realize is that scent can be an effective productivity booster as well. Scents like ginger, jasmine, lemon and rosemary can help you or your employees increase output, increase accuracy or boost memory. For example, did you know that the scent of ginger can fight fatigue?

Another great scent that can help improve performance is cinnamon. Studies show that the scent can help increase concentration and productivity on tasks that require sustained attention.

Another surprising scent that can help productivity is jasmine. The sweet smell can have a stimulatory effect on the nervous system, re-energizing and promoting a positive mood. Even lavender, usually known for its sedative effects, actually helps recharge the brain during rest time. This you to return to work the next day re-energized and ready to go!

In the below visual FragranceX explores the different scents that have demonstrated a positive effect on productivity. It details what each scent does and how to best administer it. Determine where you or your employees need help the most and then try aromatherapy. Why not? It’s inexpensive, all natural and accessible.

Fresh flowers are a GREAT way to administer the scents around your workspace!

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