PHOTO GALLERY: You Won’t believe It! Powis Castle’s Inspirational and Uplifting Garden – Fit for the 21st Century

If you happen to have a picture of Powis Castle in your mind, it’s likely to be one of a tall, properly castellated stronghold, looming high at the top of a multi-tiered Powys hillside lined with a storybook row of bulging yew shapes. What’s so exciting about visiting its gardens is that they’re more extraordinary and uplifting in the flesh than even the most beguiling photograph might suggest.

There’s a heightened sense of anticipation that comes with the revelation of each terraced layer of the garden one after the other, an almost surreal intensity of colour and perfection in the border planting and hedges of an improbable scale and drama that screen and then reveal the next delightful scene…[READ MORE]

Source: Powis Castle: An exemplary, inspirational and uplifting garden full fit for the 21st century |

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