Can Instagram Save the Flower Industry?

In a field of tulips, a group of three young women stop and ask me to take their photograph. They’re wearing matching white dresses, and they have thick, drawn-on eyebrows, which may have been described in the late months of 2014 as being “on fleek.” Around us, families wander in and out of the furrowed land between plantings, stopping to pick long-stemmed tulips and place them in their baskets. We’re at Wicked Tulips Flower Farm, but this is no ordinary farm visit. I had to buy a ticket to get in. People seem more interested in taking pictures of the crop than they are in buying them. And that’s fine by Wicked Tulips, which doesn’t primarily sell flowers, even though they have some 600,000 of them growing on five acres. They’re selling an experience—an Instagram-ready location, fresher than the Museum of Ice Cream, greener than the Color Factory. It’s a place to see and mostly be seen, and it’s perfectly calibrated to capture the millennial imagination…[READ MORE]

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