SLIDE SHOW: They Don’t Own Homes. They Don’t Have Kids. Why Millennials are Plant Addicts

Ten months ago, Tommy Engström quit his job in ad sales, packed up his Chicago apartment and drove to Los Angeles.

He rented an apartment in Culver City that was so desolate, it echoed. “It was me, a suitcase of clothes and an air mattress,” Engström says.

He purchased a trio of cactuses and a chair at Target to liven up the place. When he stumbled into Rolling Greens nursery, he bought a low maintenance rubber plant, or Ficus elastica. That led to a staghorn fern he found at Grow in Venice, a trendy fiddle leaf fig from Home Depot, multiple air plants known as tillandsia and 20 other species…[READ MORE]

Source: They don’t own homes. They don’t have kids. Why millennials are plant addicts. |

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