How to Keep Negative People from Bringing You Down

Some people are naturally negative; they complain, bicker, compare themselves to others, start drama, and simply just see the glass half empty. There will always be roadblocks in life and it is okay to have some “glass half empty” days and be realistic about your feelings but it is also important to try to carry a positive attitude over the long term, learn from your mistakes and express gratitude even if you are stuck around negative people.

For the most part, you are able to consciously choose whom you surround yourself with. You choose your friends and can decide which family members you want to spend time with; however, you cannot choose your co-workers, classmates, your in-laws or the general public. If you find yourself around negative friends or family members or being pulled down by negative followers on social media, you can actively choose to disengage from them and go your separate ways…[READ MORE]

Source: How to Stay Happy Around Negative People |

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