No-One Does Window Box Flowers Quite Like the Austrians

If there’s one thing the Austrians do really well (in addition to the Alps, ski resorts and wiener schnitzel, of course), it’s window box flower displays. Almost every building in Austria – and Germany and Switzerland too, for that matter – is adorned with balcony boxes and patio planters that transform a house into a colorful, welcoming feast for the eyes. And the vibrant displays are not just on homes, they are commonly adorned to train stations, shops, roundabouts and hotels, too.

The Austrians pride themselves on cleanliness and uniform neatness in every area of life and curb appeal is high up on their list. So too is the water quality of their lakes – some of which boast drinking quality status – and the standard of their roads. Overall, and anyone who has visited will know, it is a pristine country and the flowers are a perfect reflection of their values.

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