burton + BURTON® and Beacon Technologies, Inc., Partner to Create Charitable Venture Weaving Hope

burton + BURTON is partnering with Beacon Technologies, Inc. to weave hope for children in
Rwanda. Only about 13% of Rwandan children attend preschool and 50% have stunted growth
due to malnutrition. The idea behind Weaving Hope is simple: fund new schools for Rwandan
children with sales of beautiful handcrafted baskets made by local artisans in the small
Rwandan village of Gitarama. The proceeds go directly to building schools that will nourish the
minds and bodies of children–weaving hope for their future.

This mission not only helps the children, but also offers opportunities for Rwandan women to
earn a steady living and escape gender-based violence, inequality, and discrimination. These
authentic, handmade African baskets arrive directly from a women’s cooperative in the village
of Gitarama. Proceeds create meaningful jobs that provide for their families, moving them from
crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency…[READ MORE]

Source: Press Release – burton + BURTON

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