A Visit to the World’s Largest Flower Market in Paris

A morning at the world’s largest flower market provides an authentic slice of French life

Less than five miles outside of Paris lies Rungis Market, the largest food and horticulture market in the world, where wholesalers spend their mornings pedaling multi-colored blooms and greenery to florists from the city. It’s an experience far from of your typical Parisian tourist activity: Spanning a pavillion des fleurs and two accompanying greenhouses, you’ll be hard pressed to find any English speakers as employees push double-decker carts of plants from end-to-end, and customers load their trucks with colorful pivoines (peonies) and oeillets (carnations). If getting swept up in a whirlwind of fresh cut flowers and fast-talking French florists sounds like your cup of tea (or glass of wine), all you need to do is join an official tour, visit as the guest of someone with a buyers card, or book an Airbnb Experience with a florist from Mėmė Dans Les Orties in Montmartre, like we did last month…[READ MORE]

Source: A Visit to the World’s Largest Flower Market in Paris | cntraveler.com

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