Plants Talk (really) But Are We Listening?

Plants do talk and maybe, if we can decode their language and listen in, we will find a way to get out of this mess of a planet that we humans got all of life into.

We humans have become so adept at describing the joys and sorrows of being alive that we mistake life in our terms, as being all of what life is. We imagine life as a grand staircase where we humans are on the topmost tier looking down on the rest of life forms, like an overly-dressed debutante, thinking that the ability to throw an existential party is the definitive mark of success.

We generally cast a downward look at other living organisms. We do this with animals, with whom we share an entire biological Kingdom with, and we feel even more justified in looking down at plants. We find plants inanimate, non-reactive, too simple, and therefore boring.

But look at what we know and have started to discover about plants so far and realize for yourself how poorly you perceive your human powers as the grandest of them all...[READ MORE]

Source: Plants talk (really) but are we listening?

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