6 Edible Plants That Might Surprise You

If you are ever stranded in the wilderness of the U.S., unsure which direction is the nearest grocery store or restaurant, fear not. The forest is your supermarket, and it is time to go shopping!

If you find yourself stuck in a wetland area, cattails may save you. Although it may look like a hairy hot dog, it sure doesn’t taste like one! Once the cattail has been pulled up from the root, peel back the outer layer and eat the white base of the stalk and lower leaves, or enjoy the roots known as the “rhizomes.” Although all parts are edible raw, they can taste bland or even bitter, so many prefer to boil or fry them. You can also use crushed roots or the yellow pollen of the cattail as nutritious flour for bread or cake!…[READ MORE]

Source: 6 Edible Plants That Might Surprise You

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