Kenya’s Floral Trade Fair IFTEX 2018; June 6-8; Oshwal Center; Nairobi Kenya

Kenya’s floral trade fair IFTEX to incorporate fresh produce in 2018.

Nairobi, Thursday May 10, 2018. This year’s edition of Kenya’s flower and fresh produce exhibition IFTEX is going to extend its products profile by adding fresh produce through the launch of a new trade fair that will be held simultaneously with IFTEX. About 50 companies have signed up until now for this new exhibition.

“Fresh Produce Africa” or FPA will be a platform for the fresh vegetables and fruits sector of Kenya and other African countries. It is totally new for two reasons: never before a trade fair with this profile has been organized in Africa and never before this concept has been implemented in Africa, a concept where international buyers are being invited to the continent where the product is being grown, as it is custom that producers go to the countries where the product is being sold, according to the organizers…[READ MORE]

Source: International Flower Trade Expo

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