PHOTO GALLERY: The Language of Flowers – Bridal Bouquets With Meaning

Think outside the vase to create a wedding bouquet that conveys a meaningful message.

Did you know that the bridal bouquet traces its roots back to ancient times? The scent of the blooms was thought to protect the married couple by warding off evil spirits, bad luck and ill health. Centuries later, during the Victorian era, flowers began to take on additional significance. Due to strict rules of morality and propriety, lovers would send secret messages to each other using flowers, with each bloom carrying a specific, hidden meaning. Think of it as text messaging, but with plants. Naturally, these meanings were soon adopted for bridal bouquets. Today, a modern bride can easily continue this tradition by choosing meaningful flowers, symbolizing anything from love to prosperity, to add to her bouquet. Here are a few fresh, love-filled combos to carry on your big day….[READ MORE]

Source: The Language of Flowers: Bridal Bouquets With Meaning

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