VIDEO + PHOTO GALLERY: Exotic Flowers and Artistry Draws Huge Crowds at Dubai Festival

International florists display their creations at Dubai International Flower Festival.

Dubai: “Ten thousand saw I at a glance.”

Well, I may be quoting Wordsworth. But here it’s not about daffodils.

It’s about the heliconias, guzmanias, gloriosas, corinatas, roses, sunflowers, orchids, tulips, chrysanthemums and scores of other flowers and foliage on display at Dubai International Flower Festival.

The three-day event started on February 22 at Al Lokrit Warehouse in Al Quoz, with professional, award-winning florists eyeing prize monies worth $20,000 (Dh73,450)…[READ MORE]

Source: Exotic flowers draw huge crowds at Dubai festival

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