Giant London Glasshouse to Reopen with World’s Rarest Plants

A gleaming monument to the ambition and creativity of its age, the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse will once again welcome visitors to see some of the world’s rarest plants following a lengthy facelift.

“Temperate House” in London’s Kew Gardens is large enough to house three jumbo jets, and was home to around 1,000 species of plants from around the world before it was shut in 2013 after falling into a state of disrepair.

“There was rust everywhere, all the paint was falling off, and look now, it’s all brand spanking new,” project manager Andrew Williams told AFP, as a fleet of diggers and teams of workers put the finishing touches to the £41 million (USD 57 million, 46 million euros) renovation project…[READ MORE]

Source: Giant London glasshouse to reopen with world’s rarest plants

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