The Power of Wearing Flowers

Photograph by Gosha Rubchinskiy. Styled by Mel Ottenberg.

Three years ago in China, in an inexplicable trend that swept the country, tiny bean sprouts started rising from people’s heads, their delicate, unsteady stems like green antennae, seemingly borne not from the dirt but from the mind. Little tulips, poppies and chrysanthemums soon followed. For a moment, it looked as if humans had suddenly been given the power to erupt into bloom. But the plants had no roots; they were made of plastic and affixed to hairpins. The fad quickly passed.

There was something rebellious about that flora popping up en masse in China’s hyper-cities, wobbling over the heads of crowds like a garden taking to the streets — a protest, however unconscious, against the receding natural world. Some 5,000 miles away, in the wilderness of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, nomadic tribes still string veils of blushing pink buds, twist grass into shaggy wigs and wear single, giant leaves as skullcaps, as they have always done…[READ MORE]

Source: The Power of Wearing Flowers

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