World Floral Expo, 2018; March 20-22; Donald E Stephens Convention Center; Chicago, Illinois

Miami Flower Importers Stronger Than Ever

Last year certainly was an interesting one, with many challenges that were not anticipated.

There were several weather issues that affected the floral industry throughout the United States and Hurricane Irma in particular for Miami importers.

This hurricane was predicted to be a powerful Category 5 storm so everyone in South Florida boarded up and prepared for the worst. Fortunately, it was not as strong as predicted. Some flower importers were without phone service for days, while some had to switch to generators for electricity. But the biggest disruption was the fact that no planes at all flew into Miami International Airport for three days and then the airlines reduced the number of flights carrying flowers from Colombia and Ecuador…[READ MORE]

Source: Miami Flower Importers Stronger Than Ever | HPP Exhibitions

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