PHOTO GALLERY: 15 Ways to Use Peonies in Your Wedding Work

From peony motifs to fresh blooms, see how to include this romantic flower.

When many brides envision their wedding-day flowers, the main favorites tend to come to mind: roses, ranunculus blossoms, hydrangea blooms, and most likely, peonies. Beloved by brides desiring weddings of all types – from classic to boho to alternative, the peony is a beautiful blossom that features romantic, lush petals in a variety of hues that complement a number of design schemes. The most popular colors for peonies used in weddings are white, blush, and hot pink, and each can be easily incorporated with other flowers and verdure to create an idyllic bouquet or centerpiece…[READ MORE]

Source: 15 Ways to Use Peonies on Your Wedding Day

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